A brief description of Super Quantum Mechanics (SQM) is presented in the book Prologue to Super Quantum Mechanics. The theory is further expanded in future companion books and articles.

Quantum mechanics is a probabilistic theory and as such is accurate. Any attempt to expand it beyond statistics breeds enigmas and paradoxes.

Quantum mechanics remains an enigmatic and mysterious science full of paradoxes. It describes but explains nothing. There is something fundamentally wrong with its paradigm. In contrast, SQM is an ontological science. It is based on a fundamentally new paradigm. SQM is a giant step in the progression of quantum mechanics toward a deeper physics theory.

Fulfilling Einstein’s dream, the centerpiece of SQM is an elementary quantum entity/event which can be visualized by humans. Each quantum entity is tangible with all its physical attributes at all times and not hanging in limbo.

The philosophy of SQM is non-local realism. SQM brings non-locality dimension into focus and into a system.

In contrast to the Standard Model of particle physics, which assumes elementary particles as point-like with no structure, SQM states that elementary particles do have structure.

In contrast to the string theory, which assumes elementary particles as extremely tiny vibrating energy strings, SQM states that the principal mode of existence of elementary particles is spin.

SQM is a searchlight into the deeper level of the quantum world.


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