Quantum Mechanics Issues

1.   “Nobody Understands Quantum Mechanics”

2.   Planck and Einstein Opened the Quantum Mechanics Curtain

3.   Copenhagen Interpretation and Quantum Positivism

4.   John Bell’s Scientific Discovery

5.   Non-local Influences: Three Positions

6.   Quantum Mechanics and Enigmas

7.   The Many Worlds Interpretation as Absurdity

8.   Demise of the Schrödinger Cat

9.   Einstein: Supreme Opportunity Lost

Philosophical Issues

10. “Flat Earth” as Mindset

11. The Principle of Proportionality

12. Humans as an Embryonic-Stage Intelligence

13. The Law of Fine Tuning

14. Science and Human Visualization

15. “End of Physics” as Myth

16. Science and Curtains

Current Cosmology and Physics Issues

17. Theory of Inflation

18. Inflationary Multiverse Theory

19. Superstrings or Not Superstrings?

Advanced Ideas in Cosmology

20. Our Universe and Uni-Universe

21. How Large is Our Universe?

22. Application of the Law of Fine Tuning in Cosmology: Study of Three Cases

23. Our Place in the Universe

24. Entanglement and the Origin of Our Universe

25. Cosmic Seed and Our Universe



Appendix 1. Science á la Cro-Magnon

Appendix 2. Lecture on The Many Worlds Interpretation

Appendix 3. Chicks Story

Appendix 4. Details of Perfect Solar Eclipses

Appendix 5. My Short Story




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