New book on Super Quantum Mechanics

Dallas, TX – February 19, 2012 – ConsReality™ Press announces a new book that sheds light on Quantum Mechanics mysteries and enigmas by Victor Vaguine, Ph.D.  Available worldwide, the book is the first in the series leading to the development of a new physics field of Super Quantum Mechanics.

Dr. Vaguine treats the subject in an uncompromising manner, giving clear and direct examples of several unresolved problems in quantum physics in an easy to follow, informal style.  Novel and fundamental insights into Quantum Mechanics, Cosmology, and the origins of the Universe are offered. Several original concepts, such as the Uni-Universe and the absolute entanglement, are introduced. Various current popular scientific theories are analyzed and rejected using scientific and philosophical methods. The subject is treated in an easily understood and entertaining way, yet is written at a high scientific level.

The book catalogs many of the questions and absurdities currently circulating in scientific literature, thus motivating the forthcoming deeper stage of physics and the next book which will open the curtain on it. 

Book information

Prologue to Super Quantum Mechanics: Something is Rotten in the State of Quantum Mechanics.
Author: Victor Vaguine
Publisher: ConsReality™ Press
ISBN: 978-1-936795109
Pages: 152
Format: Hardcover
Published: February 2012

Prologue to Super Quantum Mechanics retails for $29.95 in the USA.  Available for purchase online at,, and other online retailers, as well as through Ingram.

About the author

Dr. Vaguine is a scientist and philosopher with many years of experience in fundamental science as well as commercial research and entrepreneurship.  He has published many articles and holds 22 US patents.  He is a world class scientist in the field of electron linear accelerators, electromagnetic theory & technology, and quantum physics.  He resides in Dallas, Texas and is currently working on a series of books on Super Quantum Mechanics.

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